Online Surveys for Kids: A Growing Trend

Kids and teenagers have voices and opinions that matter. With over 33 million teens and tweens in the United States, businesses are realizing the value of understanding their thoughts, preferences, and purchasing behaviors. This has led to the creation of specialized online surveys designed for kids. Similar to surveys for adults, kids' surveys can be both free and paid, and they play a vital role in gathering market research data.

Here are some key insights into online surveys for kids:

  • 1. Market Research for Young Minds:
    Kids' surveys cater to the needs of companies looking to gain insights into how children think, what they like, and their purchasing habits. In the United States alone, young consumers, including girls, spent a substantial $80 billion in 1998.
  • 2. Survey Types and Rewards:
    Just like surveys for adults, kids' surveys can come in both free and paid forms. Several prominent paid survey sites have partnerships with market research firms that offer kids cash rewards for completing surveys. The age requirements may vary, with some surveys open to kids as young as 13 and others with a minimum age of 16. Parental permission letters are often required for children under 16.
  • 3. Variety of Compensation:
    Kids' survey sites may compensate participants with various rewards. Some may offer cash payments, while others provide discounts, coupons, and freebies for kids' favorite products and services. There are also unpaid kids' survey options.
  • 4. Participatory Platforms:
    Websites like SmartGirl are examples of platforms where kids, particularly tween and teenage girls, can express their opinions, advice, and ideas through surveys and discussions. Such platforms encourage kids to share their thoughts on a wide range of topics, creating valuable insights.
  • 5. Anonymity and Honest Feedback:
    Research has shown that young people, especially young women, are more likely to share honest opinions and disclose personal thoughts through anonymous online surveys and discussion boards than in face-to-face interviews. Companies that collaborate with kids' online survey sites can obtain valuable market research about the products and services that this dynamic and trend-conscious generation is likely to purchase, even several years into the future.

In summary, online surveys for kids are a growing trend that empowers children and teenagers to have their voices heard while providing businesses with valuable insights into the ever-changing youth market.